Saturday, August 2, 2008

Poetry Really Gets in the Way

My training has been limited the past two days. This is mostly due to yet another poetry workshop attended mainly by old people who do not take me seriously.

At least 30% of participants commented that they liked my outfit. The five or so people in the room that I know remarked on the awesomeness of my literary performance, which I doubt anyone else in the room listened to because they were too busy thinking “Psh, who does this young hipster think she is? She can’t possibly know anything. For God’s sake look at her earrings!” Tacky does not a bad poet make, you geriatric bastards. Yet I wish no harm on them. In fact I hope they suffer in badly kept nursing homes until the day they see a picture of me accepting my Pulitzer on the news, then they can rot in hell.

I did manage to do some crunches, and my diet has been slowly improving, though I have eaten two fun-size bags of chips today because that’s all they had at the snack bar, unless you expect me to eat one of those gritty quaker oats granola things.


I drank water instead of soda though so that sort of makes up for it.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe getting the ADD meds situation sorted out will help so that I’m not “Ooh Shiny!” and get distracted by other things in my attempts to exercise.


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